A wardrobe is an important part of bedroom furniture and contributes to the overall outlook. It can be an aspirational unit to home design when it is well organized with a good stylish system as the clothes are kept in it. If you are looking to improve your wardrobe, then join me as I try to find the maximum potential of different kinds of wardrobes. Here are tips to fit your style and function. Perhaps one of the most important factors to consider before getting a new wardrobe is why you need another or why you need a wardrobe if you didn’t have one before. Ask yourself questions like, do I need more shelves or hanging space, more drawers, or maybe a tall or wider wardrobe?

The size of your wardrobe

A wardrobe can be as big as you want it to be but let it be proportional, not too big to overshadow other furniture items in the room. If you have a small room, then space is very precious and instead of thinking about width, think vertically. You should also consider enough space to help you maneuver. It would be best also to consider sliding doors as they would not take much space while opening.

Types of wardrobes

They come in two types fitted and stand-alone wardrobes; fitted wardrobes are permanently fixed on the room walls by a carpenter. They are great for walls with awkward spaces such as sloping ceilings or alcoves. For stand-alone wardrobes are portable and can be moved from one room to another if need be.

Matching theme and style

Being cautious about the theme and style of the room while buying a wardrobe is important to maintain the style and palette of the room. Match the theme of your wardrobe with the other bedroom furniture items in the room. Purchase elegant brands like Tylko https://tylko.com/shelves/wardrobe/ to get a good look.

Choosing between single and double doors

Single door wardrobes are a great option for small rooms due to limited floor space. Small rooms make sure you utilize vertical space as much as possible and look for a tall and narrow wardrobe. Single door wardrobes can also be used in guest and kids’ rooms where there are not many things to be kept. For double doors fit in almost every medium room and are the most popular wardrobes. Most interior décor styles allow multiple shelves and drawers, so be free to play with them as much as they are functional.

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